The story of our firm begins in 1970 with the founding of Hartford Design Group, by Tai Soo Kim.  Over the next two decades, architects, T. Whitcomb Iglehart, Randall Luther and Ryszard Szczypek joined the firm.   Collectively, they have led its evolution into a collaborative partnership of architects mutually committed to excellence in design and the services of architecture, interiors and planning.

In 2016, we changed our name. Tai Soo Kim Partners became TSKP STUDIO.  Our work continues to build upon the exceptional body of work completed over the past five decades.  Clients appreciate our work as elegant, modern, bright and thoughtful.


Firm Leaders

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Tai Soo Kim


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T. Whitcomb Iglehart


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Randall Luther


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Ryszard Szczypek


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Christine L. O’Hare

Senior Associate

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Jesse Saylor


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Jeannette O’Connell


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Yugon Kim

Boston Director, Associate

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Jeffrey Allan Brown

Studio Leader

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Thought Leader Consultant

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Kara Gruss

Director of Business Development

Stephanie 7 700 716x29x4470x4446 q85

Stephanie Beals

Marketing Manager