The story of our firm begins in 1970 with the founding of Hartford Design Group, by Tai Soo Kim. Over the next two decades, architects, T. Whitcomb Iglehart, Randall Luther, and Ryszard Szczypek joined the firm. Collectively, they have led its evolution into a collaborative partnership of architects mutually committed to excellence in design and the services of architecture, interiors, and planning.

In 2016, we changed our name. Tai Soo Kim Partners became TSKP STUDIO. Our work continues to build upon the exceptional body of work completed over the past five decades. Clients appreciate our work as elegant, modern, bright, and thoughtful.


393a3803 revised 700 0x43x2196x2196 q85

Tai Soo Kim, FAIA, NCARB


Dscf6416 reduced 700 757x0x1957x1958 q85

T. Whitcomb Iglehart, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP


393a3973 reduced 700 139x146x1950x1952 q85

Randall Luther, AIA, NCARB


 a3a9068 smaller 700 431x197x2030x2033 q85

Ryszard Szczypek, AIA, NCARB

Senior Principal

393a3956 smaller 700 467x0x1738x1740 q85

Jesse Saylor, AIA, LEED AP BD+C


Yugon 700 135x400x1668x1669 q85

Yugon Kim

Partner | Director of TSKP x ikd

1r0a0391 smaller 700 718x320x1855x1857 q85

Julia McFadden, AIA, ALEP, WELL AP

Senior Associate

1r0a9632 smaller cropped mcs 700 301x0x1354x1352 q85

Michael C. Scott, AIA

Senior Associate

Dscf7467 reduced 700 274x0x1096x1097 q85

Jeannette O’Connell, NCDIQ, ASID, IIDA


393a5280 reduced 700 584x7x1381x1389 q85

Jeffrey Allan Brown, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP


1r0a0150 ok smaller 700 228x292x1887x1889 q85

Susan Pinckney, NCIDQ


393a3684 reduced 700 0x0x1788x1790 q85

Mehmet Sahin, AIA, MCPPO


 a3a9315 smaller 700 971x95x1804x1806 q85

Stephanie Beals, MBA

Director of Marketing

Otto 700 151x105x1282x1281 q85


Thought Leader Consultant

393a3622 reduced 700 0x0x1788x1790 q85

Jean Bergen

Administrative Assistant & Notary

1r0a6116 reduced 700 1343x104x1422x1420 q85

Ozlem Caglar Tombus, AIA, LEED Green Associate


 a3a9161 smaller 700 22x285x1950x1952 q85

Peadar Cassidy, RIBA

Senior Architect

1r0a9813 smaller 700 1482x72x2164x2165 q85

Jeffrey Clark


 a3a9425 smaller 700 650x58x2177x2179 q85

Ashley Horan

Marketing Assistant

1r0a6301 reduced 700 1050x404x1428x1426 q85

John Holden


Dscf7511 2000pixel 700 0x0x1996x1998 q85

Diana Lanser


1r0a0331 smaller 700 684x263x1738x1736 q85

Brian Neagle


393a5050 reduced 700 1110x0x1912x1914 q85

Archana Pai, LEED AP BD+C

Senior Designer

 a3a9096 smaller 700 1315x124x2045x2047 q85

Abi Periyasamy

Interior Designer

1r0a9798 smaller 700 342x185x1994x1996 q85

Mary Pollock

Office Manager

1r0a9510 smaller 700 917x185x1850x1852 q85

Anne Queally


393a5060 reduced 700 503x0x1788x1790 q85

Mary-Lynn Radych, AIA, LEED AP

Senior Architect

 a3a9201 smaller 700 1023x0x2235x2237 q85

Mohamed Shaker, PhD


1r0a6139 reduced 700 261x391x1474x1472 q85

Joshua Williams


1r0a6233 edit reduced 700 357x122x1100x1102 q85

Ariela Zhang