December 15, 2022

SUSTAINABILITY: Solar Flower "Blooms" at Buckley Elementary School

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The state’s first Net Zero Public School, Buckley Elementary School, installed a Smartflower Solar demonstrating the Town of Manchester's commitment to sustainability. Smart Flower tracks the sun, like a sunflower, teaching the students the basics of solar energy. The video is a 20-minute time-lapse of the Smart Flower blooming for the day and is a first for a public school in Connecticut.

With a projected Energy Use Intensity (EUI) of 18.1, Buckley Elementary School was Renovated as New and is designed to be the State of Connecticut’s first Net Zero Energy public school. The design creates a new prominent main entrance featuring a solar flower planted to create a learning opportunity and highlight the school’s Zero Net Energy goal.

Case Study: Buckley Elementary School


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