Ryszard Szczypek



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Although born in England, Ryszard soon after immigrated with his family to the United States. From a very early age he understood that his life would somehow involve a combination of art and mathematics. His enthusiasm for the two disciplines ultimately drew him to architecture, graduating Summa cum Laude from Syracuse University, and earning the AIA Student Medal. In the definition of an ideal architecture, what resonates most for Ryszard is an Ancient Greek playwright’s mention of how the vast number of buildings we cope with throughout our lives don’t speak to us at all. Among this untold figure, there are those few that do speak, and among those, there are the cherished few that sing to us.

Ryszard has acquired a wealth of knowledge regarding the complexities of projects with multiple users, various funding sources, design reviews, permitting and approval processes. He has managed projects for the State of Connecticut Departments of Public Works and Transportation, the U.S. Department of Labor, U. S. Navy and U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, the City of New York and various other municipalities and private developers throughout the northeast. He has earned a reputation for strategic and patient problem solving. He is an avid reader on a wide variety of subjects, and enjoys the discovery of the unique interests of others along the daily journey. He currently serves on the Planning & Zoning Commission in Hamden, Connecticut.

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