TSKP STUDIO Publishes Monograph

Connecticut architects, TSKP STUDIO are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year with the publication of a monograph. The monograph features three decades of award-winning work in the United States and overseas and an introduction by Thomas Fisher, Dean of the College of Architecture at the University of Minnesota and editor of Architectural Research Quarterly.

In his introduction, Mr. Fisher takes the reader on a brief detour into psychology to discuss the significance of the firm’s work. He notes that while the work brings to mind that of the masters of modern architecture, he contends that it is in fact the "unconscious effect of the architecture" wherein lies is the real importance of the architecture. He observes that the early work addresses the issues of privacy and control, while the recent is more about archetypal forms, mythical spaces, and the pursuit of spaces and forms that have a symbolic quality. Fisher writes, "After you leave these buildings, many of them remain in your memory. The work leave us with second impressions that become, in our memory, lasting ones."

A one-night exhibit previewing the book was held Friday, May 19th at the ArtSpace Gallery at 555 Asylum Avenue in Hartford. The event brought past and present staff together with past and present clients and colleagues. Several of Mr. Kim’s early partners were on hand to share their appreciation and respect for the founding partner’s work. Mr. Kim was quick to share the accolades with his current and long-time partners, Ryszard Szczypek and T. Whitcomb Iglehart.

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