New Guilford High School Slated to Earn Significant Energy Efficiency Financial Incentive

Energy Efficient Guilford High School in Connecticut designed by TSKP STUDIO With a projected energy performance of 41.9% better than the prescribed energy codes in force at the time of permitting for the building in 2014, the new 216,000 sq.ft. Guilford High School is likely to earn the Town financial incentives from the local power company totaling more than $400,000. Students and staff move into the new high school in September 2015, while their old building is being demolished. The facility was designed and engineered by TSKP STUDIO and Kohler Ronan Engineers.

The Energy Efficiency Measures designed and installed cover three primary areas: Higher U-Values for windows, walls, roof and doors; Efficient Indoor and Outdoor Lighting, and Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems. The latter includes: Radiant floor heating for first stage heating in classrooms, Energy Recovery Ventilation, Demand Control Ventilation, Condensing Boilers which are 10% more efficient and cogeneration of electricity to power the building paired with the recovery of the waste heat to supplement heating of the building, and Chillers with Ice Storage generation to reduce peak energy usage.

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