Submarine Training Facility
Client: United States Navy
Completion Date: 1979
For the U.S. Navy, TSKP STUDIO designed an addition to the existing Submarine Training Facility. The 12,500 sq. ft. addition houses a simulated attack center, specialized computers and classrooms.

The Navy originally conceived the addition to be windowless for security reasons. The design using reflective glass block satisfying the security requirements while providing natural interior lighting and created an energy conscious design. The bronze tint of the glass block adds warmth to the building as it reflects the moving sun.

The designated site for the addition was located on solid rock, at on one of the highest points in the area. TSKP STUDIO designed the addition to project from the existing building and over the slope eliminating the need for blasting and allows the addition to command the hillside overlooking the submarine base. For the project TSKP STUDIO won three awards: a CSA/AIA Honor Award; a Special Award for Energy Conservation and an Honorable Mention, both from the U.S. Department of Defense.