Math and Computer Science Center
Client: Choate Rosemary Hall
Completion Date: 2011
In the fall of 2011, Choate Rosemary Hall invited TSKP STUDIO to develop concepts for a new academic building in the northeast quadrant of its campus. A new structure in this location carries significant architectural consideration as it is co‚Äźlocated with two I.M. Pei buildings, the Paul Mellon Arts Center and the Carl C. Icahn Center for Science. TSKP STUDIO developed this discrete and complementary concept. A simple form tucked into the steep slope beyond the Mellon Center, the new structure addresses both the Great Lawn and the fields to the east. Two triangular wedges carved from the form create two exterior courts: an entry court and sunken court. These cut-aways also provide the interior spaces with north and south facing windows for optimum daylighting. A stair at the entry court continues the path cut through the Mellon Center up through the structure and onward to the eastern field beyond. In section we see that the slope of land puts the roof of this 2-story structure on grade with the soccer field. The new facility of approximately 25,000 sq.ft. would provide: modern classroom, office and support spaces consistent with the character of Choate and be integrated with the unique architectural elements of this section of the campus.