Victoria Soto School, Stratford Academy
Client: Town of Stratford
Completion Date: 2015
The Victoria Soto Elementary School is a new Pre-K through 2nd grade educational facility, designed by TSKP STUDIO Architects, located within a densely developed residential Stratford neighborhood populated with small lots and homes. In response to the surroundings and program, TSKP STUDIO’s vision was three-fold: be consistent with surrounding residential scale; support an inward sense of school community to empower the young students; and evoke a sense of whimsy.

The exterior of the elementary school is a playful composition of glass openings set within a rain screen cladding system of fiber cement, low-maintenance planks. Two shades of gray give the exterior cladding a visual texture, while the insets of three solid colors animated with small square windows at varying heights creates a sense of curiosity.

Utilizing the rain screen exterior along with a high reflective roofing material, a 5” rigid roofing insulation, and low-e glazing with strategically located ceramic fritting gives the facility a energy efficient building envelope reducing energy usage. The prevalence of natural light throughout the school is a significant factor in reduced energy demands, as well as it creates an environment that lifts the human spirit and elevates the sense of well being for staff and students.