Hamden Middle School
Client: Town of Hamden
Completion Date: 2005

The new 197,000 sq.ft. Middle School is designed to serve approximately 1,100 students in grades 7 and 8. TSKP STUDIO’s design is organized around 10 teams of five classrooms each and a core of shared facilities. The unusual footprint breaks down the scale of the middle school into separate wings for these teams. The simple, curvilinear circulation plan employs a skylit, “main street” corridor connecting the wings to core facilities; creating informal space for student activities, and functioning as a lobby for school and community functions.

Sustainable design elements include: Stormwater management through bio-filtration and underground infiltration chambers recharge the site soils, an Energy Star compliant and reflective roofing system reduces the heat island effect, 30% reduction of energy use through specification of energy efficient HVAC and lighting systems incorporating daylighting and occupancy sensors, and zero use of CFC based refrigerants reducing ozone depletion. While the client chose not to register for the project LEED certification, nearly all the specified energy efficient strategies were built into the school.