Tokeneke School
Client: Town of Darien
Completion Date: 2008
TSKP STUDIO designed a new single structure to replace a 50's era multi-structure campus located on a wooded twelve-acre site. Simplicity and connectivity to the natural surroundings drove the design of this 65,000 sq. ft. facility. The building’s exterior has a limestone-like appearance and incorporates large planes of insulated, low-e glass to reduce solar gain in warm weather and heat loss in winter. The atrium glass is coated with a ceramic frit, to enhance its energy efficiency. The heating and ventilation systems include: a central chilled water plant, a central hot water boiler plant, and outside air ventilation with an energy recovery system to reduce heat loss. All systems were engineered to meet the latest standards in classroom air quality and acoustic requirements. The new school was designed and constructed while the existing school remained occupied and features two courts: one for primary grades and another for the upper grades.