Tang Arts Center
Client: Rectory School
Completion Date: 2001
The school lacked a central assembly space in which to hold each mornings gathering and sufficient music studios for instruction and rehearsal. The solution is the key element of TSKP STUDIO's master plan - a new 20,000 sq. ft. combined assembly and performing arts center adjacent to the school’s Main House. A large forecourt forms a nucleus for the campus and is the site of outdoor gatherings. The new fan-shaped auditorium seats 236 and is designed for “Shakespearean-style” productions, as well as meetings, concerts and daily services. A lower level provides small and large studios for meetings, rehearsal, instruction and offices. The breezeway arcade connecting the Main House to Memorial Dorm (an icon for the school) is incorporated into the entryway. The clapboard structure, with its silo-like tower, rises above a fieldstone foundation, so that the Center takes on the New England vocabulary of the existing campus.