Student Recreation Center
Client: Miss Porters School
Completion Date: 1991
Designed to enhance a private school campus set within the historic district of Farmington, this 37,000 sq. ft. complex provides the school with a new social and recreational center. It contains a new skylit gymnasium with elevated running track, squash courts with viewing area, an exercise and weight room, a student lounge, and a detached renovated Dance Barn.

TSKP STUDIO's concern for neighboring residents prompted the design to divide the required building volume into two smaller buildings. The larger of the two volumes was built into a hillside, thereby concealing part of building. The smaller volume we placed on top of the hillside, which helped create an intimate courtyard on the campus side of the complex. Harmony with the campus and its surrounding residential neighborhood is achieved through careful selection of building materials and details. Composed of six skylights and a band of copper, the large roof mass of the gymnasium is broken into smaller peaks. The roof trusses are made of light steel members painted white, creating a light and airy feeling. With the band of clerestory windows beneath it, the roof structure appears to levitate, weightless, above the masonry walls. For this project TSKP STUDIO won a CSA/AIA Design Award.