LG Research & Development Group
Client: LG Group
Completion Date: 2007
For one of Korea’s largest companies, Tai Soo Kim Partners developed a phased master plan and design for this state-of-the-art Research and Development Park, located in the science city of Daeduk. The master plan and design responds to the client’s concern for industrial security while creating an environment that lifts the human spirit. The u-shaped building plan surrounds a central, green mall that leads to the base of a mountain. At the opposite end of the mall is the ‘green-roofed’ head building, housing administration and cafeteria, with outdoor seating. The site plan limits entry to the site to one primary access road lined by a shallow reflecting pool, and separates parking from building areas. The labs and high security pilot plant activities in bio-tech, genetics, pharmaceutical, polymers, specialty chemicals, household goods, and the analytical sciences, are strategically located within the complex to minimize access, yet allow the same level of natural light and access to primary avenues of circulation. The environment honors the staff by featuring the natural environment with reflecting pools, landscaped courtyards and rooftop gardens. For this project TSKP STUDIO won the Korean National Department of Construction & Transportation, Grand Prize.