Corporate Training Center
Client: Kookmin Insurance Company
Completion Date: 1997

Nestled in a mountainous area, this corporate training center is designed to reflect the surrounding terrain. The four-story 47,000 sq. ft. housing facility provides over 250 beds and features a trellised roof garden for evening relaxation. The one-story 28,000 sq. ft. training facility provides several auditoriums, classrooms, administrative areas and a 100-seat cafeteria, which can function independently of the training spaces. Courtyards throughout bring natural light to the interiors.

A series of terraces and retaining walls serve as a foundation to anchor the complex. In contrast, playful curving rooftop structures and curved exterior walls mirror the mountain’s silhouettes. The playful curves are carried into the interiors with two serpentine walls defining circulation space and controlling acoustics. The design won the Korean National Department of Construction & Transportation Design Award.