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Project Team

Honeyspot House Joint Planning Committee is composed of representatives of the Town Building Needs Committee, the BOE Subcommittee and Town Staff.
John Casey – Building Needs Committee
Paul Hoydick – Building Needs Committee
Alvin O’Neal – Building Needs Committee
Stephanie Philips – Building Needs Committee
Danny Senft – Building Needs Committee
Joe Crudo – Chair of BOE Plant & Planning Committee
Joseph Dimenno – former BOE member, Member of Plan and Planning Committee
Olga Pena – PTSA Co-President
Andrea Vellieux – PTSA Co-President
Michael Feeney – Chief Operating Officer for BOE
Diana Dilorio – Principal
Bob Sweger – Manager of Plant Operations and Transportation

Tai Soo Kim Partners
Ryszard Szczypek, Project Director
Randall Luther, Senior Project Manager
Jeffrey Brown, Project Manager