What We Do


Rooted in the modern tradition, our work is fresh and balanced; recognized for its simplicity and elegance. It is about light, weight, texture and color, with light always playing the leading role. Utilizing advanced computer modeling as well as the time-honored pencil, paper and physical models, we examine project alternatives, deriving the solution which best meets all requirements.

Approach to the Work

The central motivation in our work is the question, "what is appropriate?" For each project, the answer is the synthesis of several interrelated factors: the client's needs and building function, the project budget and operational efficiencies, the site and context. Our team works towards the solution that balances these elements into a straightforward and spirited idea.

"Your interest in relationships; your appreciation for the appropriate balance among many, and sometimes competing interests; your understanding of how buildings serve both human activity and the human spirit and the respect you showed for what came before your work all contributed to the success of this project."

Thomas Bavier
Dean, Manchester Community College

Manchester Community College
Great Path Middle College Magnet
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