Holly DeYoung, Business Development, Senior Associate

Holly DeYoung

Ms. DeYoung has over 25 years experience in the communication arts and manages business development activities at TSKP STUDIO. She is often the first point of contact for new clients. Her work encompasses research on industry trends; strategic relations and development; promotion of project innovations; and supporting project teams and their clients with communications and promotional opportunities. She frequently assists in the preparation of public presentations, social media and web-based content, as well as fundraising through the development of donor-focused materials. She brings to each project the ability to express the owner’s mission as well as the architectural vision and technical aspects of a building program.

She was first drawn to a career in theatre production culminating with a highly respected regional theatre in Connecticut, the Goodspeed Opera House. Working with the architects on the Norma Terris theatre renovation she realized an opportunity to work on scenery of a more permanent nature.

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